Types of Diet Pills
There are lots of different types of diet pills, and each works in a different way.
Fat Blockers

Fat blockers are a more recent development than appetite suppressant. They are the diet industry's answer to the problem with Fenfluramine, Phentermine and other substances that can sometimes have unwanted side effects such as heart valve damage.
Most fat blockers are based on Chitosan, a substance derived bizarrely from the exoskeletons of shellfish. It is broadly similar to dietary fiber.

How Do Fat Blockers Work

Fat blockers work by binding to the fats in your digestive system and creating a combined substance large enough that it will not travel through the walls of your gut into the bloodstream. When taking a fat blocker, only small amounts of fat pass from your digestive tract. The beauty of these drugs is that the user does not need to cut foods that have alot fat in them or carbs from their diet.

When passing through the digestive system, fat blockers can absorb 6 to 10 times their own weight of fats. Once attached to the fat, the blockers simply pass through your system and take the excess fats with them.

Fat Blocker Products

Both prescription and non-prescription fat blockers are found in the market. I list below the names of a few of the most popular brands. Xenical is the major prescription drug, but there are plenty of non-prescription pills to be found.

Fat Burners

Whereas fat blockers and diuretics prevent your body from absorbing fat, and appetite suppressants stop you from eating it in the first place, fat burners work by reducing the amount of fat already stored in your body.

Some people actually find out that they eat more when taking fat-burning supplements, but because their metabolism has been lifted so much higher, their bodies deal with it easily and they still lose weight.

After the partial banning of Ephedra, many fat burner supplements have had to change their formula. The good news is that there are plenty of other substances that can do almost the same job, ranging from those that we already know and love, like caffeine, to more exotic herbs, like Ginseng.

Here we list a selection of the most common fat burning supplements. There are certainly more of the common fat burning supplements that we do not mention in this list, but these are the ones that you are most likely to see in a diet pill.


Ephedra deserves to be mentioned, even though it has been (quite rightly) partially banned by the FDA and no longer appears in many diet pills. It is an extremely effective stimulant, similar to caffeine but is more effective and stronger.

The problem was that many patients began to develop heart problems or have strokes, as the stimulant was too much simple for their system to handle. If you see any diet pills advertised as containing Ephedra, our advice is to steer clear.


Caffeine has long been known to increase metabolism and is found is the majority of fat-burning diet pills. In fact, some of the other ingredients here (e.g. Green Tea, Ginseng) also contain caffeine.


HCA is the active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia, an Indian herb. This herb was originally used in Ayurvedic medicine, a branch of holistic treatment originally created for Indian royalty. The purified form is called hydroxycitric acid, which suppresses appetite, makes blood sugar levels normal and enhances fat-burning.


Clinical studies have shown that this Chinese supplement increases energy and raises your metabolism. It has also been found to reduce levels of stress hormones such as Cortisol. These hormones can lead to gaining weight , so Ginseng has a doubly beneficial effect.

Green Tea

EGCG is the active ingredient in Green Tea, and most of the extracts are rich in it. Green Tea in a concentrated form is so effective because it increases your metabolism and reduces your appetite.

It has been used for more than 4000 years in Chinese medicine, to cure ailments ranging from headaches to depression, and now is one of the most well-known and effective diet aids around.

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is an evergreen tree that is most common found throughout South America. It's leaf has been used as a tea and medicine for centuries among the indigenous people of Brazil and Paraguay. The local people treasure it for its properties as an appetite-suppressant and energy-giver.

The major active ingredient in Yerba Mate is caffeine, which increases your metabolism and aids weight loss. It does more than just a cup of coffee though, through the way that its unique combination of natural substances work together. It also contains Saponins, plant chemicals that have been shown to stimulate the immune system.


Guarana is a plant originating from Brazil. It is used as a fat burner and stimulant there, and is actually a very well-known drink. One of the nice attributes of Guarana is that it does not irritate your stomach like caffeine can, and is less likely to give you the 'peak and trough' ride that drinking coffee brings.


Pyruvate is a chemical that aids in the metabolism if Glucose. It appears in several weight loss pills, whose manufacturers claim that it stimulates the metabolism.

Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressants are used on a short term basis to combat obesity, usually when a monitored diet and exercise regime has been tried unsuccessfully. They are also known as Anorectics - a term which is derived from the Greek for "without appetite".

Appetite suppressants are usually based on a stimulant of the Phenethylamine class. This compound works by stimulating your central nervous system and increasing your blood pressure and heart rate. Similar to an amphetamine, it affects certain neurotransmitters to decrease your appetite.

Appetite Suppressant History

This particular type of diet pill has a very interesting history. Largely a product of necessity, they were widely used in the First World War by British soldiers looking to escape the hunger pangs of life at the Front. This enabled the already stretched logistics network to deliver sufficient food to all the troops.

Appetite suppressants were used one more time in World War Two, this time by the German army when food supplies were short towards the end of the war. Following this, they were first marketed as a commercial product in the late 1950s.

Diuretics & Laxatives

Diuretics and Laxatives are often said to aid in weight loss. They often feature in late night TV commercials or newspaper ads, accompanied by some outrageous claim of 50lbs or more weight loss in just a few weeks.

Don't get fooled by all the hype around these drugs. Diuretics and laxatives are not useful weight loss tools, in fact they are more likely to harm you than help you lose weight.

These drugs are supposed to work by reducing your excess body water. They certainly do what they claim. Many users report extremely rapid and significant weight loss. But there is a cost to your body, as I explain below.

Diuretics & Laxatives Dangers

What the commercials don't tell you is how this reduction in your body water can potentially harm you. The diuretics will flush out more than just water - users report dangerously low levels of vitamins and minerals like potassium. A lack of water in the body can also result in severe liver and kidney problems, perhaps even gallstones.

Alternatives to Diuretics

If you are looking to flush out your system, forget about diuretics with all their unhealthy side effects. A much better alternative is Cleansing. A healthy herbal cleanse will flush the toxins out of your body, help you lose weight, whilst all the time maintaining healthy levels of fluid and minerals in your body.

Blossoming is dedicated to bringing you the best diet pills on the market. Every diet pill we review goes through an extensive analysis to determine the effectiveness of the product. By combining the results from our product analysis with genuine customer feedback, we have determined the Top 3 diet pills that we have found to be most effective.

If you are looking to lose some excess weight, and don't want to search the internet for hours filtering through the thousands of different diet pills that exist, then try one of the top 3 diet pills below:

Top 3 diet pills

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LIDIY Slimming Capsule
How Lidiy Slimming Capsule works:
  • Lidiy provides a completely smooth weight loss process that helps you control your impulses safely and effectively.
  • Lidiy is a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients designed to lose weight fast and strongly increase your energy.
  • Lidiy scientifically proven to help you lose weight fast, burn more calories and improve metabolism.
  • Lidiy has been proven to be the most efficient and safe weight loss solution on the market.
  • Lidiy is empowered by modern biotechnology and dedicated scientific research.
  • Lidiy delivers real results without any side effects. No upset stomachs, no diarrhea.

LIDIY Ingredients: Garcinia Cambogia, Dietary Fiber, Lotus Leaf Extract, Oriental Waterplantain, Cassia Seed, Medical Amylum

Garcinia Cambogia (Brindle Berry) is a weight loss agent with Hydroxycitrate (HCA) or Hydroxycitric Acid as an active ingredient that is extracted from The rind of this Indian fruit. It is highly effective as a weight loss supplement.

Lotus Leaf Extract. Sensational newly found weight loss qualities of Lotus are been widely used in modern weight loss industry. Helps to suppress appetite and promote lipolysis (the process of breaking down fat into free fatty acids and glycerol). Lipolysis must take place before fat can be burned. With strong water-absorbing and expansion, lotus fibers will swell for several times in the gastrointestinal tract, promoting satiety and preventing fat absorption to control appetite and reduce fat sources effectively.

Oriental Waterplantain calms the liver and subduing yang, extinguishing wind and quickening the blood, freeing the network vessels and relieving pain. Use for ascendant liver yang, arteriosclerosis due to internal static blood obstruction, high blood pressure,hyperlipemia, dizziness, headache, vexation and agitation etc.; properties of lowering blood pressure, blood cholesterol level and lower blood sugar, diuretic functions.

According to these properties, Waterplantain is used for weight loss and boosting fat loss, also good for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Boost Sex-Drive for Women This traditionalchinese herb is an effective generator of heat to the genital area. Promoting heat and fluid, Oriental Waterplantain is also known to protect the bladder and urinary tract.

Cassia Seed Effects: Removing intensive heat from the liver and improving vision, moisturizing intestine and easing the bowels. Indications: treating conjunctive congestion, swelling and pain, dizziness and headache caused by the flaming-up of the liver-fire. Treating heat accumulation in large intestine, constipation due to intestinal dryness.

Medical Amylum: The pharmecopoeial starch is derived from the seed of the Maize, common indian corn plant. Starch belongs to the organic compounds called carbo-hydrates, and is one of the principal constituents in various organs of many plants, especially in the seeds, where it serves as stored food-material for the growing embryo. Medical use: as a constituents of many vegetable substances, starch forms an important alimentary substance; in a medical point of veiw, it is to be considered as a demulcent. The powder of starch is used to take up acrid secretions from the external surface, soothe the pain in erysipelas, and as a lenitive in inflammation of the lower bowel.

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