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Alpha-Arbutin Ultra-Whitening Serum

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Formulated with the best skin whitening ingredient Alpha-Arbutin (Bearberry), Alpha-Arbutin Ultra-Whitening Serum also contain excellent mix of vitamins, oils and natural agents that makes it a perfect tool to create smooth, even, healthy skin tone. Recommended with SkinWhite Pro Ultra-Whitening cream for faster results.

Alpha-Arbutin Ultra-Whitening Serum is Perfect Skin Lightener to fight dark skin, spots, discolorations, freckles, sun exposure and hyperpigmentation. Alpha-Arbutin Ultra-Whitening Serum is designed to reduce melanin generation and even skin tone and appearance with results you can start to notice in first days of use.

Alpha-Arbutin Ultra-Whitening Serum promotes lightening and an even skin tone. Alpha Arbutin as the ALPHA (a-glucosidic ) inhibits the activity of tyrosinase MUCH more effectively than its beta version. The alpha form offers higher stability and efficacy, leading to a skin lightening active that acts faster and more efficiently leading to much more pronounced diminishing of liver spots (age spots), and an obvious reduction in the degree of skin tanning after UV exposure. Works by limiting both melanin production (tan) and skin reddening (erythema).

Specifications: 30ml
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