Types of Diet Pills
There are lots of different types of diet pills, and each works in a different way.
Nano-C Radiance Whitening Multivitamin Facial Mask

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Empowered by Nano Technology to increase the absorbance of the active ingredients, Nano-C whitening facial mask was designed to fade freckles, age spots and dark "flaws".

Nanotechnology is used in our products to deliver natural and organic nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants in so-called nano-liposome spheres: tiny spheres about a million times smaller than a grain of sand, or about 20-30 times smaller than a red blood cell. These nano-liposome encapsulated natural nutrients work their way through the skinís outer layers, penetrate deeper into the skin, boost production of new cells, and promote collagen synthesis so that the skin becomes healthier, fuller, and has less wrinkles.

Nano-C Radiance Whitening Multivitamin Facial Mask whitens, hydrates & softens skin for a sublime look and pure white sensation. Helps counteract skin color and fade visible discolorations. Ideal for dry skin. Prevents fine lines. Improves elasticity and resilience, for noticeably firmer, toned, fresh, young looking skin. Creates a super hydration of moisture and distribution of vitamin C for cellular support.
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