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Water is life!
Water is life!
Posted: July 17, 2011 | Views: 1413
Water is life!
Posted: March 31, 2011 | Views: 202
It is not surprising that three thousand years ago, the rock of Peter-To-Romiou of "Sea foam" gave birth to the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite.

Not surprising,because all living things that are beautiful on Earth emerged from the water. People and himself consist of 75% water, whose content in the body is like "serif" age (when water is drained from us --- we age). We, people like the most tender flowers need to be constantly "watered" and to drink clean water, because it brings the water into all the cells of nutrients -
(Minerals, salts, vitamins).

Oxygen leads to the "territory" of the accumulated "Dregs" of life, cleansing the bowel. Water is "complicit" in the complex of the process of adjusting the body temperature. And even to breathe, we need water, (moistens oxygen for breathing). Latent chronic dehydration (this is bad blurts diagnosis can now be safely put on every other citizen, if you do not drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day), it turns out, brings us, and without of the suffering body of a lot of inconveniences and ailments.

Not only that shortage of water in the body makes us inattentive and even slightly inhibited, distracted, fatigued, so the water imbalance may still lead to headaches, heart failure, various tumors, breach of the peace process of digestion and, more importantly, to ... obesity.
And not painting a picture of searing desert, on which weary travelers wander the third day, licking his lips and tormenting agony of thirst. Not anything like that, the lack of water our body masks quite harmless and vague symptoms such as fatigue or desire to eat. And just then you need that drink of clean water. Just before sarcastic, smile easy!


To drink or not drink? That is the question.

The ongoing need to meet their most natural needs - Drink - it has always been an axiom, which lies on the surface of human knowledge. But recently, U.S. scientists shook the world of sensational Statements about the miraculous effect of water and excellent results of the new "Water diet". It turned out that we, modern women have entered the path of eternal war against excess weight, you can spoil "the hatchet" and to register currently the most effective, harmless and natural medicine --- clean water. With this diet, some has lost 18 kg over several months.

Perhaps that is why - because - off scale indicators of water theory immediately have emerged, and opponents. It turned out that mess can spoil the oil, and water may be too much.

In any case, many doctors warn that with an excess of water (there are cases where women lost their keen sense of measures instead of the 3.2 liter absorbed 5-6 liters daily) of body washed minerals, there is a risk of toxicities, increased intracranial pressure and other unpleasant diseases. In fact, the theory of "water diet" is harmless, very reasonable and just demands clear and balanced approach (you know the measure!).

It's like in any method or any business! If you do not aspire to jump to extremes, do not expect magic transitions effortlessly, but you simply want to lose weight (and not bring yourself to sad diagnosis "anorexia"), to normalize their weight (and not this very second, and systemically, for the benefit of the whole body), if called for the beauty, health and correct way of life, then surely, the whole "water diet" together, or some of the individual items that fit perfectly!

Schedule of water diet:

- In the morning before eating anything. the day should start with a glass of clean water (it is important that the water is filtered, and therefore useful, otherwise the whole mission of the water will lose its sense). You can add the water a little lemon juice and, in 1:1 ratio, good humor and hope for the coming day;

- In the course of the day. Since water makes a noticeable acceleration of the exchange substances, and gives the body extra energy, then this is not a sin to use. The water is pretty empty on the availability of calories, cholesterol and fat. Daily "dose of water" should be determined on the basis of personal weight (per kilogram of body requires 40 ml of water). About 6-8 cups clean water a day (because tap water contains chlorine and other unhealthy impurities, use any filtering system to guarantee yourself the quality and usefulness of purified water) leads all mechanism of the digestive system in an effective mode of work, lost a sense of starvation and obsessive desire of "something to chew on." Sports or summer! Heat will slightly increase this rate.

- Check with the time. You should be drinking water 20-30 minutes before meals or two hours after! During the meal, drink is prohibited! Otherwise, there is a risk of disturbance of the digestive system (the water dilutes the gastric juice). Drinking water immediately after a meal, too, will be to the detriment of (liquid comes out after 15 minutes and "wash" from the stomach the still undigested lunch, dooming him to a process of decay). Therefore, drinking water should be only a few hours after meal (two hours after ingestion of food starch, four hours later - after the protein products), when all of the absorbed food is well digested.

- Profitable exchange, in the aquatic diet, you do not need to be Don Quixote and fight windmills. No radical upheaval of the world, but only some reasonable changes. So, replace the usual sugary carbonated drinks (why do you need the extra calories?) and diet cola for water. Harder you will probably struggle if you have the habit of drinking a glass of beer or a cup of tea, coffee, which is deceptively quench thirst, but in fact just dehydrate the body (caffeine --- conscientious diuretic, don’t forget). Only it was the smell of coffee for many people associate with happiness and Peace. In that case, expect to enjoy a cup of fragrant accounted for a glass of crystal clear water.

- Feel the taste. Make it a regular diet of fun playing with water. Get large and beautiful glasses for water. Take care of as water consumption, because this issue is often more important than the composition of the rest of the rations. Remember, water is creeping into every cell of your body, participating in all vital processes. Therefore, the water is nice, clean, and free of harmful impurities. Buy a quality filter (E.g., Aquaporin), which is capable of working to benefit your health and beauty, day and night, making the norms of 6-8 glasses of water a safe and useful. Learn to drink water slowly and with relish, in small sips (this is useful, because it does not overload the stomach and kidneys), but you can drink it through a straw as a cocktail at the bar. Most importantly, have fun!
water is life
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