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You cannot live without sweets? Sweet tooth in a note!
You cannot live without sweets? Sweet tooth in a note!
Posted: July 17, 2011 | Views: 1813
You cannot live without sweets? Sweet tooth in a note!

Most of the peoples cannot give up sweets. So you consider yourself to be among those who never and will never give up the sweet, even with a strong desire to lose weight and more, even on a diet. Then what do you do? Because sweets are what you want…..
Nutritionists believe that you can still have all your favorite sweets, but there are some nuances that will certainly be of interest to you. After all, you do not want to give up sweets, and you want to be the owner of a dream body.

Without sweet you just start to become brutalized, and after eating delicious candy, you're upset that once again you have not kept your word, ate something that 2 hours ago you vowed to refuse to eat!

Let’s look at what you can eat, so that you are satisfied with your sweets and do not harm your figure.

Sweets - is not the main meal!

Above all, remember that sweets are not the main meal! This at the first glance is a truism which is often not respected. Your stomach is now going to eat itself, your eyes are ready to eat everything edible? Do not rush to take on chocolate. First, hunger normal food, lunch or dinner, and then you can eat a little sweet.

In no case can you replace lunch or dinner with sweets: chocolates, sweets, pastries and cakes. If you do replace, you will never be in a good shape(dream body)!

Which of the sweets is useful to eat?
Dieticians like felt our concerns and were not recording in the "forbidden" all sweetness. They secrete sweets, which are sometimes very helpful, even to eat. Which of the sweets can be attributed to as useful? What kind of sweets can you eat?

Useful sweets:

Needless to say about what is useful chocolate? It is an antidepressant, a leader in content of protein, which is really necessary for our body; it is a source of good mood. The composition of chocolate is potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and lots of other useful substances for our body.

-Dried fruit
we need because of the source of vitamins it, which contains fewer calories than chocolate. Per day you can safely eat a small amount of dried fruit and not be worried about your figure.
- Honey
- Candied fruit jelly
- Zephyr candy
- Jem
- Paste.

What relates to the harmful sweets?
In addition to healthy mineral sweets – sources of not only a good mood, but also vitamins, mineral substances that are good for the organism, besides healthy sweets that are also harmful sweets, maybe it will still make your mood rise, but it will absolutely be no help to having a dream body!

Harmful sweets include:

- Sugar
- Candy
- Soft drinks
- Cakes
- Sweets.

Learn how to eat sweets
Nutritionists not only give tips on what kind of sweets to eat, but that is not unimportant, how to eat right. It turns out that there's even advice on how to properly eat sweets - the rules! For those wishing to have a beautiful figure the recommendations should be the rules.

It is recommended to eat all the sweets in the first half of the day, try to never eat sweets at night or late evening. Eat chocolate cold, i.e., Put chocolate in the fridge, and only after it cools down, eat it. Be careful with sweets so that not be such as that you ate the sweets and did not even notice! Because you will want some more sweets later. Would you like to eat dessert? Eat it, but without remorse, and regret. Have you felt the need to have sweets? You ate chocolate - to satisfy the need! Then do not scold yourself afterwards, but instead enjoy the pleasure. And know the measure! Satisfy your need, cheer yourself up, and now stop - to over eat sweets is not necessary. This, in fact, will not happen if you are going to eat dessert after a full meal.
Do not torture yourself and your body. Besides the fact that there are useful sweets, there are still rules on how to eat sweets, and how to not harm your figure!
Do not deny yourself, but for the figure do not forget to watch it!
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